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Providing Modern Solutions for an Ancient Bond.

Co-habitation is hard, whether you’re dealing with roommates, spouses, kids, or in our case dogs.  The key to peaceful cohabitation is clear communication and expectations.  At Ethno-Canine we know good dog training is about more than just obedience.  Our training focuses on building understanding and creating contextual expectations to minimize conflict and strengthen your bond.


Expand your skills with one of our group classes.


Learn to think like a trainer.  Discover the foundations of Classical and Operant Conditioning in a fun hands on learning environment with your dog.​ 

Foundations Class Pricing:

$35 per Class per Dog 

(Next Availability Spring 2024)


Unlock your dogs potential with our scent work classes. You will be lead through the basics  of imprinting on odor, maximizing hunt, and developing a trained final response.


​ Scent Work Class Pricing:

$50 per Class per Dog

2020-12-23 12.38.09.jpg


For those dogs with a propensity for biting put their natural drive to work. In this class we will learn proper bite and grip development, drive channeling, and targeting. We will also build in control commands around biting and outing.   


Prices for Bite Classes:

$50 per class per dog



Making Your Dream Dog a Reality

Private Training Sessions offer a 1-on-1 deep dive into problem behaviors OR personal goals you have with your dog.  The Focused attention with the trainer provides opportunities to problem solve, trouble shoot, and formulate a training plan for success.

Private Training Session Pricing:

$50. Per Session 



Training with Care

Dogs are incredibly fast learners when they have the right teachers.  Our in-home Board and Train option allows your dog to join the Families of our Professional Trainers day in and day out.  This consistent connection allows your pet to learn ideal in-home behaviors quickly. After the initial boarding our trainers do 3 training sessions with you in your home.  This ensures you know how to continue reinforcing all they have learned! Due to the in-home nature of these Board and Trains spots are limited.

Board and Train Pricing:

$2100. - 2 Week Board & Train

$3000.- 3 Week Board & Train

$3900.- 4 Week Board & Train



Training for Your Schedule

Day Training is the perfect option for families with challenging dogs and challenging schedules.  With our Day Training option your dog can be learning new skills while you are away at work.  


How it works:

Dogs are dropped off in the morning and picked up in the afternoon/ evening.   Your pup will have intermittent focused training sessions throughout the day. 

Day Training Pricing:

$90. per day 

2020-12-23 12.26.04.jpg


Full, Firm, and Calm

To really develop a dog’s apprehension skills a well trained decoy can make a huge difference.  Our decoy, Jacob Norman, knows how to reinforce proper grip and recognize and manipulate drive states.  He has mastered the art of when and how to apply pressure to reinforce a full, firm, and calm bite. He offers decoy services for group classes, handler courses and any other time you might need a good bite guy.

Pricing For Decoy Services:

$50. Per Hour



Jacob Norman, Co-Owner and Lead Trainer at Ethno-Canine

Ethno-Canine was created with the goal of bringing science based dog training to the mainstream population.  Expert Trainer, Jacob Norman, has a deep breadth of knowledge in the field of behavior science and psychology. He spent 8 years as a social worker before moving into his dream field of Professional Dog Training.  He has trained pet dogs, personal protection dogs, detection dogs as well as dual purpose police dogs.  When he is not training dogs he enjoys kick boxing and spending time with his wife and three kids.


At Ethno-Canine, we strongly believe that it’s never too late to change our pet’s behavior. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Proudly Serving Broken Arrow, Tulsa and the surrounding areas.

Jacob Norman


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